2 de janeiro de 2011



"There is always one person in the world that awaits another, either in the middle of a desert or in the middle of big cities. And when these people meet, and their eyes meet, all the past and the future lose all importance and there is only one moment, and the incredible certainty that everything under the sun has been written by the same hand, the hand that awakens love, and who made a soulmate for each person who works, rests and seeks treasures under the sun . For without it there would be no meaning to the dreams of mankind.""

Fashion is not just fashion. It's a state of mind and a way of living. It's art on a daily basis. It's what gives colour to my day-to-day works. I work as manager of Get Vintage store in Lisbon (praça luís de camões) and i'm also a MC. I like to see well dresses people everyday and specially at my parties. I think man and women should be less afraid of playing with clothes and patterns. Dress yourself like life was a constante party...that's my modjo A Dandy (também conhecido como uma bela e valente) é um homem que dá uma importância particular sobre a aparência física, refinada linguagem, lazer e hobbies

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